Changing LIVES Through Martial Arts



Pre-registration begins today for the Toe2Toe Martial Arts day camp!

Dates: June 10-14th.
Times: 8:30 AM until 3:30 PM
**Extended hours availableupon request**
Location: 2100 Spring Valley Dr Conway Ar.

Scheduled events will be safe and exciting…
Lightsaber training with real stunt blades
Kickboxing training
Jiu-jitsu training
Games, food, and more…

Pre-registration cost:
Non-members $180 for the week
Members $150 for the week

Space is limited and we will only allow 15 kids to attend. Pre-registration begins immediately.

*Late registration (after June 8th) will include a $35 surcharge, so register today!

Send an email with the name of a child and sponsoring parent/guardian to pre-register. We will send instructions for payment upon receipt.

Midsummer Membership Drive!

Call/Text for details 501-515-4788
50% discount on all group fitness and martial arts from June 17th, 2019 through July 31st, 2019.

All future months paid in advance will also be 50% off during this period. Bring a friend who signs up and enjoy an additional 50% for one month.

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I’ve been working with Curtiss since November 2018. When everyone else was afraid to take on someone with a disability he accepted the challenge. I’ve been reaching each goal we’ve set and I can’t wait to see the end results. I know after this my training with Curtiss will not end because I feel so much better about myself and my disease when I’m working out with him. If you’re looking for a trainer who will motivate you and will be dedicated to help reach your fitness goals then you should really reach out to him. He is also a great Martial Arts Instructor. My grandson as well as myself are taking his classes. I’ve seen my grandson’s self confidence grow as well as his behavior change. He looks forward to going to class to see his friends and to see Curtiss. It’s great to know he’s learning self defense, and has a positive male role model in his life. As for me. I’m more confident in my ability to protect myself and my family should the need arise and I have made great friends while also getting a great workout. You really can’t go wrong with any of the great classes offered at Conway toe 2 toe.
Jennifer Bannon
Nothing but positive things to say about my training with Curtis. I have trained with him in ground fighting and kickboxing, he always breaks things down so that his students can understand them. There are great martial artists and there are great teachers, Curtis is both. I take any opportunity I can get to train with him and would recommend any place he offers instruction.
Kyle Hurley
I have trained with Curtiss off and on for over 20 years. I can tell you that the students he produces are well rounded real world fighters and can defend themselves apply. He has experience in stand up fighter training and mixed martial fighter training. By far one of the best martial artists and trainers in the Conway regional area.
Richard Craven
Curtiss is an outstanding instructor!! This is a top notch course, at an amazing price!! GET ON BOARD!!
George Webber
I'm very happy to have sent my son to Toe2Toe martial arts. Master Curtiss is amazing and he loves the kids and is being kind and patient with them. He is dedicated and professional and truly cares about each student in the class. My son Shaan enjoys the training and we're looking forward to continuing the same. I bet my son is in a safe, fun and disciplined environment. I really appreciate Master Curtiss and Caleb (little master) for helping my son grow mentally and physically strong.I highly recommend Toe2Toe martial arts training for anyone. He is the best!!!Senthil Rajendran
senthil r
I love training with Mr. Curtiss. He is a great teacher with professional techniques and a lot of patience. He is always willing to help me with new skills until I totally understand it. Thank you Curtiss �
Mia Nguyen
Curtiss is a really great instructor. He provides a safe environment that you can feel comfortable pushing yourself to learn new things in, and he allows you to learn at your own place while still providing a challenge if you are willing to put the work in.
Alexis Van Winkle
Where to start? My first real experience in martial arts was with Curt. I was a overly confident, tough guy, meat head wrestler when I walked into the World Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Summerville, SC circa 2003. That first day, everything changed. I was a 205lb beast that was systematically torn apart by this 150lb wizard. Not in a bad way. Curt was teaching/instructing the whole time. Long story short.... Training with Curt opened my eyes. I learned so much about the arts, respect, training concepts, perseverance, and teaching/coaching. Many of those concepts I use today in my coaching for youth wrestling and mixed martial arts. Bottom line--- you can't go wrong training with this true professional.
Jason Gates
Toe 2 toe is a fantastic environment for anyone at any level of training, whether you’re training for self defense or just for the fitness aspect. Curtis is an incredible instructor who makes class extremely fun!
Tyler Stoner
Videos look great can't wait to travel to gey some training in with you guys
Trevor Ollison

Why Martial Arts?

Can you physically defend yourself? Are you capable of defending a loved one if they were being physically assaulted? Most people can’t, or falsely believe they can. In most attacks, a person doesn’t have enough time to draw a weapon – if they’re even carrying. Quickly an attack can become a life or death situation if your attacker realizes you are armed and they start trying to access your weapon. Unless you know how to use your hands and body, you can quickly become a statistic. Toe 2 Toe is the premier martial arts school in Conway Arkansas. Our focus is on guiding you through your journey of building skills and confidence that will transform your life.

More than Self Defense

At its core, martial arts is a self-defense art. But more than that it promotes a total transformation of mind and body.  Practicing martial arts strengthens your mind and body. Your strength and conditioning improve. Your mind becomes sharp. You gain discipline that influences other areas in your life where you’re lacking. In the process, you discover a level of confidence you never imagined possible, and form friendships that last a lifetime.

Is Toe 2 Toe Right for You?

People recognized Toe 2 Toe as the go-to place for martial arts in Conway, AR. Whether you’re looking for self-defense classes in Conway, AR, Kickboxing classes in Conway, AR, or just looking to get in shape and make new friends in a fun environment Toe 2 Toe is for you.

Toe 2 Toe Classes

We offer a wide range of classes for both adults and kids.

  • Self Defense

    The act of using any available means to reduce or escape harm.  In Martial Arts this includes, but is not limited to leaving the area, talking your way out of bad situations, using “stun and run” tactics, employing improvised or modern weapons, and lastly engaging in physical confrontation until help arrives, the enemy is incapacitated, or escape is possible.  At Toe2Toe in Conway, AR our students have options and make good choices to avoid conflict.  They also have the ability to resolve conflict using techniques and skills learned under our guidance.

  • Confidence

    The feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or skills.  In Martial Arts this is knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to utilize self-defense.  It also translates into self-esteem at work, in relationships, and in the presence of strangers.  It is the core advantage every student gains with hard work and discipline.

  • Friendships

    Conway’s Toe2Toe Martial Arts isn’t just a place to work out like the local gym.  It is a place to make lifelong friendships with other good natured people like you.  There is a true brotherhood here where we can show trust and respect without fear of rejection.  We help each other, have fun together, and even watch out for one another.