Predator vs Prey Mentality

We have several key concepts that help illustrate both psychological and physical advantages in martial arts. One of my favorite concepts is the Predator vs. Prey Mentality. Many of our students are very shy and docile when they come in. We see downcast eyes, low self-esteem, and body language that speaks volumes to the world. These are very common personality traits, and some are quite endearing when it comes to making friendships, but in self-defense we coach our students to think of themselves as either a lion or a lamb.

The lamb is a sweet and kind creature with no innate ability to defend itself. It is obviously an easy target for the wolf, which lurks in the shadows. Conversely, the lion is strong and proud. It is not an easy target and would be well prepared if a wolf came out of the shadows looking for a meal.

The metaphor isn’t perfect. We obviously have no power to completely change any student if their personality and physical traits share more in common with the lamb than a lion, but…we can help all students grow over time into a confident, aware, and well-prepared martial artist.

Posture is a great place to start. We start with coaching students to live with their heads up, eyes forward, shoulders back, knees slightly bent, mind sharp, and fully prepared for combat. Over time, we train the body to respond quickly to the demands of the mind. We increase reaction time, emotional resilience, physical toughness, and mental acuity through training. Ultimately, the transformation from lamb to lion is an individual journey. Our commitment is that no student leaves our facility without knowing more about their surroundings, their capabilities, and what is required to succeed.

This is a life lesson, and it is applicable in relationships, career, school, and obviously…self-defense. It has served our students and instructors well. It is part of our training culture and the warrior ethos.

Come see for yourself. Call us and ask about a few introductory classes with no strings attached. It is your life; live it with the confidence and strength of a lion.