Top 5 reasons people love group fitness

Whether you like kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, P90X Insanity, Zumba, or Mixxedfit, all of these programs offer fitness benefits we need.

  1. The single most compelling argument to get involved in a group fitness program is a lack of drive to be active on our own. Group fitness allows us the right environment to get motivated, get fit, stay in shape, and increase our physical strength/endurance. If you can do it on your own, then perhaps one of the following additional reasons will appeal to you, but this has been a common thread for many clients.
  2. Group fitness instructors have extensive training and experience in their specialty. As such, these instructors can provide programs that address the desire to lose weight, build strength, and increase endurance that the average person just can’t do alone. That experience in training is valuable and sought after. In short, most people want an expert helping them get fit. (Don’t you?)
  3. The professional studio has conditions you might not have at home. Those environmental advantages include the proper space, training equipment, and safety systems readily available. The last thing we need is to injure ourselves at home when we are alone or break something valuable due to a lack of space. A professional group fitness program provides the right environment.
  4. Many people manage to find the motivation to give diets and exercise a shot. Sometimes our doctor pushes us to lose weight or change our diet for health reasons. Motivation to get started is easy, even typical. The real trick is building the right habit to be consistent in your healthy choices. It is all too common for us to make a new year’s resolution only to give up after a few short weeks. The group fitness setting comes with smiling, energetic people, with whom we build relationships. Our training partners and instructors often become our good friends, our squad, our team. Those relationships help us connect positive feelings with habits. If you have struggled to be consistent in the past, then group fitness is the answer.
  5. Ultimately, people tend to get bored. Fitness routines that don’t change only provide limited gains. Between boredom and plateau, very few fitness programs provide lifelong benefit. There must be variation in training. A good fitness instructor understands this concept and provides appropriate increases in repetitions, sets, volume, and even the training plan itself. The body will adapt to any program and plateau. A well-trained fitness instructor understands and adjusts accordingly.
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Value vs Price

As a certified personal trainer and the owner of a fitness studio, I know it’s easy to talk ourselves out of any program. We quickly justify that we have better things to do or that we can save money by trimming back on our fitness needs including good nutrition! Never forget that these justifications, while true, often don’t take into consideration the reality of health benefits. Most people want to be able to perform. Something as simple as picking up your grandchild or pushing him/her in a swing is something we take for granted. Something as simple as carrying groceries up a set of stairs or pushing a lawn mower can become troublesome if our health fails. We often undervalue exercise, nutrition, and sleep until we consider the cost of medical treatment. Paying for your deductible alone could be more than an entire year’s worth of physical fitness training. Heck, prescription medication can cost more monthly than a membership and training. Sadly, we often take our health for granted until we lose it. Consider fitness an investment in your health and happiness. Failing to invest early always costs more later.

If you’ve been thinking you want to get in shape, lose weight, build strength, and live a healthier life, but you haven’t found the right program, then check this out at or email us at and we will help.

Curtiss Robinson
Owner/Chief Instructor