Martial Arts Kid’s Classes

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Kids programs are built to address the needs of children ages five to twelve. This population needs to learn basic punches and kicks, defense against those punches and kicks, as well as rolls, falls, and the associated throws and takedowns. This is a fun and interesting martial arts program that builds self-esteem, self-confidence, discipline, and focus. The techniques we teach are effective in the self-defense scenarios typical to that age group and would be of a non-lethal variety, where the goal is to stun and run or escape and evade. This program will have techniques common to judo and karate.

Teens and adults fall into the more street-smart self-defense program. This population is typically ages thirteen to forty-five, although we have had a few younger (when weight is over 100 lbs.) and a few older (any age is welcome). This is a co-ed martial arts program that is designed to help both male and female students understand what it “feels like” to use the punches, kicks, throws, and joint locks against someone their size, as well as those who are not their size. Although a little nervous at first, all of our students soon gain confidence as they learn that it is more important where you strike than how you strike or even how hard you hit. The same holds true for executing appropriate throws and takedowns based on size rather than trying to use the one size fits all approach. This program will have techniques common to kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu.

Street-Smart Self-Defense

Women’s Self Defense

Ladies-only self-defense is very simple, to the point, and easy to learn. It was designed to help women KNOW what they can do and what they plan to do. This is not an ongoing program like the kids or adults programs. It truly is a four- to six-week course in how to cause enough damage to an attacker to make an escape. There are psychological and physical components to this program. It is not grueling like a CrossFit challenge or weight loss program, but rather it is geared toward making a few key techniques count without entering an all-out battle. Again, it is an escape and evade or stun and run-based program perfect for young women going off to college or mature women who just want to feel more secure around town.

Modern Army Combatives is the most intense program we offer. It can be coed but typically this program is male dominated—something we would love to change. It is a simple set of easy-to-learn techniques that lead to one conclusion: survival (in life-and-death encounters.) For those who really want to work hard, master their craft, and plan to enter law enforcement, the military, or some other field where physical confrontations are common, this is the program for you. Don’t let that discomfort you might feel reading this turn into fear; harness it and turn it into the hunger to survive.

Modern Army Combatives

Private Lessons

Private martial arts lessons are also available and could include ancient weapons, modern weapons, competition training, and specialization in any of the four basic systems of combat (Striking, Kicking, Throwing, and Submission).